Welding workshop

for reinforced membranes 

in our modern training center which is located in Coswig / Dresden, incl. factory inspection and a manufacturer certificate 

The workshop is carried out in 2 steps:

Level 1: Rectangular swimming pool with a straight stair

Level 2: Free-form swimming pool with roman stair and overflow channel 

Duration: each 2 days 


2 day training - current dates can be found here

Level 1: Basic course (duration approx. 8:00 - 18:00)

Level 2: Advanced course (duration approx. 8:00 - 18:00) 

With a number of participants of max. 8 persons, we guarantee you the highest possible individual support and further education. At the end of the event, you will receive a manufacturer's certificate of your successful participation.

Day 1

    • Placement of basic theoretical knowledge (material, tools) 
    • Acquisition of practical skills (handling of equipment, assembly and welding exercises, etc.) 
    • Welding of straight seams and corners 

Theory and preparation:

    • Material science 
    • Tool explanation
    • Application explanation 
    • Hot air welding / cold welding

Practical content:

    • Explanation Welding machine / set the correct welding temperature 
    • Correct cut
    • Welding a straight seam / welding a T-seam 
    • Preparation for installation of the membrane / measure off  
    • Installation of coated metal sheets 
    • Cutting, laying and welding of the membrane, testing 
    • Cutting, laying and welding of the walls, preparation corner, testing 
    • Corner training / 2 variants, testing 
    • Explanation, lining of straight stairs (without practical execution) 
    • Visual inspection 
    • Sealing the seams Theoretical explanation:
    • Filling and sealing the mounting parts 

(incl. lunch)