Our core expertise as well as our main business segment - reinforced swimming pool membranes and pool liners.

Our motto “discover your passion” clearly expresses that our heart is present in what we do. We are committed to producing high quality swimming pool membranes and liners, which are exported to more than 50 countries.

Our products are free from heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. They are certified to EN 71-3 (European Toy Safety Standard). They are produced with the finest raw materials and meet all requirements of an eco-friendly process.

Safety certified.
The guarantor for water tightness of public and private swimming pool facilities.

  • Trust in the leader in quality ...
  • Trust in German production ...
  • Trust in more than 50 years of experience

Trust in ELBE Pool Surface

  • approved for public swimming pools according to KSW/KTW
  • free from heavy metals, physiologically safe and certificated to EN 71-3 (European Toy Safety Standard)
  • EN 15836-1* (European Standard for Swimming Pool Membranes, *according TDS)
  • quality assurance system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • 15-year leakproof warranty certificate for material (when installed by a certified installer)
  • Made in Germany

Only the very best is good enough

For our entire ELBE Pool Surface product range we immediately check the quality of the supplies upon arrival and verify compliance with our specifications.

As an ISO 9001 certificated company we have a comprehensive quality assurance system.

We believe that our customers can expect only the best from us. Their health and well-being are our first priority. Innovative development will continue to govern our actions in the future. Our medium-sized structure guarantees our customers a trustful and cooperative partnership in addition to our premium service. We have discovered our passion ...

Always the right choice

Our product is able to fit any shape or size pool. It is ideal for new construction or renovation. ELBE Pool Surface swimming pool membranes are always the right choice. They ensure perfect sealing for all types of pools- gunite substrates, steel sheet, tiling, plastics, etc.

Let your imagination flow

With a wide range of colors, print designs and our unique “pearl” reflecting film, the choice is yours to make your ideas real. Your imagination is the limit.

Quick and efficient - clean and healthy!

Formula optimised for hot-air welding process ...

Premium quality finish confirmed by installers in more than 50 countries. The unique and sophisticated vinyl formula guarantees an optimal processing result and maximum safety - something only a quality product can offer. In comparison to other methods (e.g. tiling), the installation of pool linings is time- and cost-efficient without sacrificing durability.

The best physiologically safe swimming pool membrane on the market...

A product is only as good as the way it is installed.

Certified Installer ELBE Pool Surface

Certified ELBE Pool Surface installer

We offer training seminars, on a regular basis, at our Elbtal Plastics company headquarters. We train and certify pool installers with the proper techniques for our ELBE Pool Surface swimming pool membranes. Upon request we also offer on-site support, particularly for first time installations.