Equipment required for professional installation

Our swimming pool membranes are used as lining for indoor and outdoor swimming pools of any shape or size. They are suitable for applications in new construction as well as in renovation of existing pool facilities with surfaces such as concrete, brick, wood, steel, aluminium, polyester and in-ground pools with reinforced soil slopes with up to a 60degree incline.

The proper installation equipment is a pre-requisite for the professional lining of swimming pools and is in the best interest of each pool owner.

Seam sealant

950ml can (6 cans/carton)

Adriatic blue-604  
Light blue-687  
Navy blue-620  
Baltic blue-679  
Lagoon-623 (New)  

As a rule, all reinforced SBG pool membranes have to be sealed with liquid PVC at the welding seams. For homogeneous membranes, however, we recommend welding the seam sealing as an additional precautionary measure.

The purpose of the seam sealant serves to seal the welding seams of reinforced mebranes.
A highly volatile and combustible PVC solution made of PVC dry blend dissolved in tetrahydrofuran, the sealing agent cures when exposed to air, and forms a solid bond.

Installation instructions

  • The surface to be sealed must be dry, clean and free from dust and grease.
  • Use polyethylene capillary bottles to apply liquid PVC along the welding seam edge.
  • The required amount is about 20g per linear meter of sealing seam.
  • Thickened seam sealant can be made usable again by adding expanding welding agent.


  • Do not inhale vapors
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Wear protective gloves
  • Avoid sources of ignition
  • Ventilate area adequately
  • Do not dispose of into sewer system
  • Keep container closed
  • Take precautionary measures against static discharges

Technical data sheet:

Membrane marking

Thickness: 1.50mm
Roll length: 25m
Height: 25cm

Spray bottle

for 500 ml liquid

PVC coated metal profile

Thickness 1.2 mm

Sheet, blue, 2000 x 1000 mm, 30 pcs/pallet

Sheet, blue, grey 2000 x 1000 mm, 30 pcs/pallet

Exterior angle profile, blue, 70 x 30 x 2000 mm, 10 pcs/pack

Interior angle, blue, 70 x 30 x 2000 mm, 10 pcs/pack

Strip, blue, 70 x 2000 mm, 10 pcs/pack  

PVC-coated metal profiles can be used in accordance with construction requirements with commercially available guillotine shears and sheet folding machines. Preferably, cutting should be done on the rear side of the PVC coated metal profile. When folding PVC coated metal profiles, the bending radius should be twice or triple the thickness of the profile. Work should be performed at room temperature.

The plastics sealing membranes can be homogeneously bonded to the PVC coated metal profile with expanding welding agent or hot air welding. If PVC coated metal profiles are installed outdoors in visible spots, they are butt-joined (about 3 - 5 mm joint) and welded to the outer edge with sealing strip about 100mm in width, thus ensuring elasticity of the butt joint.

The PVC coated metal profiles are fastened to the substrate by means of expanding rivets, screws, nails or spices at about 7 fastening elements per linear meter.

Fastening elements

Hammer rivets / fastener

200 pcs, 20.3 mm, 12 / 48 pack

Plastic profile

white, 2.0 m, single items available

PVC welding strip 1.5 mm

9 mm x 25 m, 10 rolls/carton

Liner locking stripe

30 m, 10 rolls/carton

Polyester fleece, drill and screw proof 2 x 50m , DIN 4102 B2

300g/sqm, 2.00 mm, single rolls available

Polyester fleece, drill and screw proof 2 x 50m , DIN 4102 B2

500g/m², 3.00 mm, single rolls available

Fleece adhesive

15 kg, bucket

Adheseal - Adhesive and sealing agent, colour: white, solvent-free

290ml, pack of 12

Hot air gun

QUICK-S-electronic 230 V, 1500 W *

Push-on nozzle 20mm

Push-on nozzle 40mm

Pressure roller 45mm, single-arm

Metal case