Cold or heat resistant,

flame retardant or even electrically conductive - 90 percent of the technical films from the ELBE Technical Surface® product range are unique customised solutions. Developed in cooperation with our customers.

From laminating films for foam lamination, welding protection films for the automotive industry to design films.

Thanks to our own laboratory with it's state-of-the-art equipment we are able to meet nearly any colour specification a client might have for our technical films.

In close cooperation with our customers we develop just the right solution for a reasonable and efficient film concept.

Technology and material

The technology or type of material that is to be used for the application is determined by the customer's specification of the product - the key factors being mechanical strength, durability, UV-resistance, chemical or thermal influences etc..

Fields of application:

  • Films for subsequent industrial processing
  • Development of customised solutions

Thickness range: 0.09mm - 2.00mm
Widths: up to 2.10m
Colours: coloured, transparent, printed

possible types of film finish:
Customised finish in accordance with customer specification, e.g. flame retardant, electrically conductive,  heat and cold resistant


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